Saturday, December 28, 2002

the fish curry was amazing. and the best part of the prep was that, due to our current kichen renovating, we both had space to prep for dinner and didn't get in eachothers hair at all. (my partner can be a bit of a kitchen fascist when he wants to be). definitely have to say that the kitchen is my favorite space in the house - especially this one cause we get to make it exactly how we want it. a big switch from the renting mindset of the past 5 years where it was always a huge decision whether to paint or not as it would have to go back to white in the end. now, in the past 3 weeks we've removed a wall, torn up tile and carpet, picked out cabinetry and had umpteen discussions/disagreements about space layouts. if you really want to know ifyou and you're partner are communicating well, just try to come to consensus about rearranging a space that you both care about. i guarantee you'll learn alot.

hey, this whole blogging thing seems to be getting easier. i'm actually starting to feel like i know my audience a bit - strange how quickly the mind can create an outlet for what you want to say.

Friday, December 27, 2002

frustrated with my computer right now, or myself, not sure exactly which one. but am excited to make this nummy fish curry dish tonight. got it out of jamie oliver's new cook book - i highly recommend it for any foodie - plus he's got a great section talking about food and kids and family, etc...